T. A. Gallant’s The Unremarkable

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There is no ordinary.

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True fiction.

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Death. Deception. Redemption.

Kidnapped just days shy of his thirteenth birthday, Prince Korbin’s world is turned upside down, threatening his life and the kingdom itself.

Enter Adamah, and meet the heroes of old: Mordecani the Wise, Guardian of the Throne, the powerful Radrin of Astrith, and Lord Mayor Rotchardin of Raccanith. Pull away the veil on the notorious pillager Qeres. And learn both the price of truth and the cost of deception.

Much more than an adventure story, this medievalesque fantasy is a rich journey toward redemption.

Newly released in April 2016, T. A. Gallant’s The Legend of the Dagger Prince will leave you eager for Codex II.

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Prince Korbin of Adamah
Prince Korbin of Adamah
Commissioner Radrin of Astrith
Radrin, Commissioner of Astrith

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Timotheos Press features fiction by T. A. Gallant. The name is not only a play on the Greek form of Gallant’s first name; it also is a mission statement. In Greek, the name conjoins honor and God (Theos). Without any preachiness, the aim of Timotheos Press is to provide good literature, to the honor of the Triune Creator of all good things.

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