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Moniyaw book cover

The year is 1983.

Joel Brackenwhite, a hotshot young architect from Vancouver, is really going places in his father’s prestigious firm.

But the place he is going is not where he wanted or expected. He is heading for Owl River, a remote Indian reservation in Northern Alberta.

The result is the collision of two worlds.

Moniyaw (Cree for “white man”) is the tale of that collision. As the urbane prodigy faces conflict and companionship, death and devotion, he is challenged by a daunting task, a man who hates him, and an insistent new friend who unnerves him.

With wit and warmth, T. A. Gallant’s Moniyaw recounts his journey.

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Moniyaw Details

Size: 6"x9"
Length: 110 pp.
Binding: Perfectbound paperback
Genre: Adult fiction
Content: Mild language
Retail list price: $9.95 (USD)
Kindle price: $2.99 (USD)